Beach Air Services: Christmas Light Installation In Myrtle Beach

It may be hard to believe, but Christmas is right around the corner! Christmas music is already following you everywhere you go and the malls in Myrtle Beach are packed with shoppers. It is definitely the wonderful time of the year! With that being said, have you hung your Christmas lights yet? If not, Beach Air can help! We now offer Christmas light installation services at an hourly rate. Below are the dangers of doing it yourself:

1. Climbing Ladders – Climbing large ladders can not only make you feel uneasy, but can also be extremely dangerous. It's easy to select the wrong type of ladder or use one incorrectly which can lead to accidents. These accidents can lead to very serious injuries, depending on the distance of the fall or the age of the person climbing.

2. Walking On The Roof – Aside from ladders, walking around on one's roof can also be very dangerous. You could easily slip, fall and potentially tumble off the roof. Loose shingles or tiles add additional hazards to the surface. The roof being icy or wet can add to the danger. Nobody wants to spend Christmas in the hospital!

3. Frayed or Damaged Lights – Cheap, frayed or damaged lights can pose as a fire hazard. Beach Air will go through each and every light bulb to make sure they are safe to put up, both inside and outside of your Myrtle Beach home.

4. Extension Cord Overload – It's important to find the wattage rating of your extension cords before using them. Much like using damaged lights, overloading an extension cord can lead to overheating and fires.

5. Age – It's no secret that as you get older, you have less energy to do certain things. If you know someone who LOVES Christmas, but may need some assistance in getting lights on the roof of their home, keep Beach Air in mind!

Beach Air is here to help you! So if you need us to string up your Christmas lights, fix your furnace or stop by and give you a high five after a long day, give us a call at 843.796.3798.

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