Air Curtains

Air curtains help to keep energy costs down and temperatures consistent. Air doors are recommended to be used at loading docks and delivery doors to help repel insects. We, at Beach Air, can install and replace air curtains in supermarket entrances, walk-in freezers, food retail establishments, school cafeterias, drive-through windows, and more.

Benefits that air curtains provide you include:

~energy reduction

~contaminant reduction

~odor and fume reduction

~product spoilage reduction

~increase in employee comfort and productivity

~increase in safety at openings with unobstructed visibility

~hygienic alternative to plastic strip doors

Some signs that Beach Air should stop by to inspect your air curtain include excessive noise, inconsistent airstream, and if the machines stop operation.

You can contact us at 843-796-3798 or by filling out our contact form here.



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