5 Tips To Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

The summertime weather in Myrtle Beach is perfect for having cookouts, playing outside, and entertaining guests! While the weather can be enjoyable, don’t let it rain on your parade when it comes to keeping your home cool this summer. With people coming and going in your home, it can make it harder for your HVAC system to keep your home at the desired temperature. That’s why our team at Beach Air HVAC in Myrtle Beach has come up with a few tips to help keep your home cool this summer! 

Avoid Opening Doors and Windows Too Much

While it’s nice to feel that summer breeze, this is the easiest way cold air can escape. Your HVAC system senses the air temperature in your home and works hard to circulate cold air that will keep your home at the set temperature. If you notice your unit is constantly running (or more than usual), check to make sure all doors and windows are shut. 

Seal Off Any Cracks

By making sure any cracks under doors and windows are sealed, you’re eliminating all areas where cold air could escape. Try adding some weather stripping to seal off doors and windows that could be leaking air. 

Open All Vents

Many homeowners might think closing off the vents in rooms they don’t use will make their house cool faster. That’s false! Your HVAC system works to cool your entire house, so closing off vents in certain rooms can cause your system to work overtime

Utilize Curtains

You can utilize curtains to help block the sun’s rays from warming your home. Curtains help keep the cold air inside and provide an extra barrier of insulation between your windows and the outside elements. 

Keep The Fans On

By keeping your ceiling fans on, it’ll allow you to feel more comfortable with your thermostat set a few degrees warmer. It will also help by pushing the warm air downwards to prevent your system from turning on as often. 

Overall, these are just some simple tips to help your home stay cool this summer and keep your HVAC system from working overtime! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us! To get a FREE estimate, click here!

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