Beach Air is here to maximize the performance, efficiency, and safety of your heating system. We offer heating tune-ups, inspections, regular maintenance, and more to ensure your heating system is functioning properly.

Tune-ups and inspections include features such as:

~checks on electric heat size, wire size, breaker size, electronic overload, high-limit switches, defrost controls, and operation of the heating reversing valve

~a check for gas leaks, proper drafting of chimney pipes, proper drafting of flue pipes, airspeed, operation of safety switches, and operations of control motors

~oiling motors when required

~inspecting, adjusting, and calibrating both the thermostat and the humidifier

~cleaning any washable filters and replacing any disposable filters

~cleaning burners, the blower compartment, controls, switches, wiring, and sensors

Frequent problems and solutions:

~If you’ve just changed a filter, make sure that the bottom blower door cover is securely fastened

~Check that your thermostat is in the proper mode -heating or cooling- and that all electrical switches are turned on

~Be sure that your thermostat is at the proper temperature

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