Air Conditioning Repairs

Beach Air is top-rated by Home Advisor for Elite Service for a reason. That’s because honesty really is our policy on each and every service we provide to our clients – existing and new alike. You can trust that our techs will handle all of your air conditioning repairs with the utmost professionalism.

From the time you first call us to request an AC repair to the follow-up call right after our visit, you can expect thorough, attentive professionalism every step of the way. And we will let you know exactly what the problem is after a detailed diagnostic of your AC system. Common problems solved from our repair checklist include:

*Refrigerant leaks. Our trained technicians will determine whether the AC is low on refrigerant, was undercharged at installation or it leaks. After we fix the leak, we’ll test the repair and charge the system at the correct level of refrigerant, per the manufacturer’s specs. This is vital to your AC’s efficiency and environmental safety.

*Lack of regular maintenance. Our findings may include filters and AC coils that haven’t been changed or cleaned, causing the AC to run sluggish and the compressor or fans to fail permanently.

*Electronic control malfunction. Electrical connections and contacts are checked for wire or terminal corrosion, as well as wearing out of the compressor and fan controls, which is more common for oversized systems that are frequently turned on and off.

*Thermostats. We can carefully adjust and correct highly intellectual Wi-Fi-programmable thermostats that are accessed and controlled from a wireless device, laptop or smartphone.

*Drainage. Problems with drainage are especially common with higher humidity.

Beach Air is here to make your life a lot more comfortable. The last thing you need is a heating and cooling company that’s not at your service, 7 days a week. Call today for a free estimate to clear the air at Beach Air at 843-796-3798 or fill out our contact form below.

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