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Owner Chris Quade founded Beach Air in November 2015 with the mindset of leading a company that remained steadfast and focused on each and every customer – not merging into a corporate mentality that forgets about all sizes of budgets.

So, he took out a loan, traded in his pickup for a work van and began his mission to champion his idea of unbeatable customer service, one client at a time. The Navy veteran earned a technical degree in Residential and Commercial Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration, graduating at the top of his class from the CHI Institute in Philadelphia, Pa. Originally from Indiana, Chris honed his skills in heating and cooling in the Myrtle Beach area for more than 18 years, completing additional specialized certifications throughout his career, including Building Management Controls, with a focus on HVAC, High Efficiency Residential Heat Pump Systems, Ice Machine Repair, Frozen Drink and Ice Cream Machine Repair and more.

Now Chris and his family of technicians showcases those talents for his customers at Beach Air, from HVAC installation and repair to AC, heat pump, geothermal, exhaust hood and refrigeration services of all scopes and sizes.

Chris is proud of his company’s unrivaled commitment to customer service, which is what he felt his prior employers were veering away from. He’s also proud of his company’s commitment to the community we live and work in. Beach Air donates our products and services to Habitat for Humanity, as well as local hospitals. It’s important to give back to those who are in need.

Beach Air is here to make your life a lot more comfortable. The last thing you need is a heating and cooling company that’s not at your service, 24/7. Call today, or anytime, for a free estimate to clear the air at Beach Air at 843-796-3798 or fill out our contact form here »

Beach Air Wave


Beach Air Wave

Myrtle Beach HVAC Company

Beach Air is a Myrtle Beach HVAC company that repairs, installs and services heating and air conditioning units along the Grand Strand. HVAC services include installation and repair of air conditioning units, exhaust hoods, heat pumps, make-up air and HVAC equipment. Our refrigeration team handles air curtains, bar refrigeration, coffin cases, ice machines, coolers, frozen drink machines, prep tables, rack systems, reach-in coolers, under counter refrigeration and walk-in coolers. Beach Air is located in Myrtle Beach, but has a service area that extends from Georgetown to Little River, encompassing Horry and Georgetown County.

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