8 Benefits Of A Residential HVAC Service Agreement

It's important that your HVAC unit is always in the best shape that it possibly can be. With Beach Air's Residential HVAC Service Agreement, one of our technician's will visit your Myrtle Beach home twice a year to ensure everything is running properly. Below you will find 8 benefits that our Service Agreement will provide you and your family:

1. One Call Does It All – It's much simpler to deal with one company for multiple things. We can manage all of your air conditioning, heating, refrigeration or equipment needs.

2. Enhanced Communication – You will receive phone calls and/or emails confirming service appointments and detailed follow-ups.

3. Account Manager – You will no longer have to worry about who did what, when and where. Your personal account manager will record those details.

4. Paperwork Reduction – By using Beach Air for all of your HVAC services, you will cut down on the number of invoices received, which in turn reduces the amount of paperwork associated with work orders and estimates.

5. Coordinated Effort – Your account manager will schedule your repairs and maintenance around what best fits your schedule.

6. Family-Like Relationship – We want to make sure that your HVAC unit operates as smoothly all while making you feel as comfortable as possible around our technicians.

7. Equipment Replacement Schedule – As a professional service company, we can help you plan for equipment replacements.

8. Prompt Response Time – A rapid response time is of the utmost importance. That is why Beach Air offers 24-hour emergency service.

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