Annual Service Agreement: Treat Your Home This Holiday Season

Well, we have carved the turkey, survived Black Friday shopping and are only a few days away from December. The season for giving is officially here! We hope that you got a jump on Christmas shopping this year, because for the next few weeks everywhere is going to be crowded. After you have purchased gifts for the kids, your parents, relatives and friends, why not treat your home with a gift? Our annual service agreement is one of those mutual gifts where you get to reap the benefits as well, also known as a win-win! Below are a few reasons why you should consider the gift that keeps your home in tip-top shape year round:

Save Money

Who doesn’t enjoy saving money? By signing up for our service agreement, you are entitled to lower utility costs, 10% discount on repair costs & change-out costs. Twice per year, a Beach Air technician will stop by your home for a preventative maintenance visit.

Catch A Potential Issue

During the preventative maintenance visits, our technicians will go through the inside and outside of your home and check pretty much everything that has to do with your HVAC system. They will check the operation of your thermostat in both heat & cool modes, the operation of zone controls, replace old air filters, check return air temperature, supply air temperature, outside air temperature, tighten all electrical connections at the indoor unit, check voltage at the indoor unit, indoor blower, electric heat overloads, cleanliness of indoor evaporator coil, cleanliness of indoor blower wheel, condition of all accessible duct work, operation of all zone dampers, primary drain pan and so much more.

Convenient Appointment Scheduling

Beach Air will perform the preventative maintenance checks during normal working hours. We will reach out to you to schedule these visits according to your schedule. During these visits, our techs will thoroughly inspect your home for any damage or malfunctions within your system(s).

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s important to make sure that your home is comfortable, especially for any family or friends visiting. If you would like to learn more about our annual service agreement, please reach out to us today!

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