Commercial Refrigeration Services: Preventing A Problem

Preventative maintenance is key to keeping your heating and air conditioning systems running as smoothly as possible. Well, when it comes to your commercial refrigeration equipment, that same statement holds true. As a business owner, there’s nothing worse than having to spend money on repairs, especially when something could have been done to prevent extra expenses. Your money is better spent improving your business and keeping your employees fairly compensated. Beach Air is here to provide a few tips on how you can maintain your commercial refrigeration equipment so that you can save money down the road on costly repairs.

Walk-In Freezers / Coolers

While your walk-in freezer may not not be filled with actual money, the fact of the matter is that you have spent a lot of money on the items inside of it. The thought of that freezer going down is enough to cause a panic attack. We recommend getting your system regularly checked by a refrigeration expert like Beach Air so that problems can be spotted ahead of time and can be addressed. It’s important to replace old parts with new ones and double checking electrical connections to prevent power loss. Cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils will reduce the load on the compressor and will keep your system running as it should.

Ice Machines

Neglected ice machines can drive your customers way in a hurry. Keep an eye out for spotted and smelly ice that can make everyone extremely sick due to viruses such as Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli. Why end up with a lawsuit on your hands when you could have addressed the issue at an earlier date? Schedule a commercial refrigeration expert at least twice a year to come out and give your ice machines a thorough cleaning. They will disassemble the entire unit and clean all components, including the water lines, bin and dispensers.

Lower Energy Bills

If your refrigeration equipment is in peak condition, you can save between 5% and 10% on your monthly bill. If you have dirty condenser coils, your freezers and coolers have to work HARDER to maintain temperature inside, which in turn uses more energy. Worn hinges, door handles, gaskets or even faulty seals can cause cold air to leak out from the unit, causing the unit to run for a longer period of time. Have your service technicians check the temperature settings and defrost frequency settings.

Overall, if you take care of your system, it will take care of you. Keep in clean and in good shape to ensure lower energy bills and prevent future headaches. If you would like Beach Air to come out to inspect your equipment, please give us a call!

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