Conway HVAC Company: How To Stay Cool In The Summer

During the summer months here in Myrtle Beach, it gets hot…extremely hot. The simple solution is to crank up the AC or plant yourself in front of a fan. Typically July’s electric bill is the highest of the year due to the high temperatures outside, so how can you stay cool and save a couple bucks in the process? Beach Air, your Conway HVAC company, is here to provide a few tips and tricks of how you can keep cool, while saving you some moolah.

A Misty Fan

You will need a large fan and a mixing bowl with ice for this hack. Place the bowl at an angle in front of the fan so that the air blows past the bowl, creating a mist. It sounds kind of crazy, but you will thank us later.

Rotate Your Ceiling Fans

Did you know that your ceiling fans need to be adjusted from season to season? By setting your fans to run counter clockwise in the summer, the fan’s airflow will create a cooler breeze. BOOM!

Cook Outside

Okay, this may be an obvious one, but we are going to say it anyway. Turning on your over will make your house hotter. Go to the store, grab a couple steaks or burgers and some corn on the cob and fire up the grill. An ice cold beer will also help lower your body temperature!

Close Your Blinds

Did you know that up to 30% of unwanted heat comes from your windows? By closing your blinds, you can save up to 7% on your electric bill and lower indoor temperatures by up to 20 degrees. Pretty impressive.

Listen To Your Body

Dropping in a few ice cubes to your favorite drink, placing a cold cloth on your neck and wrist and being smart about your clothing choices will all lead to lower body temperatures. In addition, you can also place a bowl of cool water by your bed and dip your feet if you feel warm in the middle of the night.

Again, all of these items will help, but ultimately running your AC unit is the best way to stay cool in the summer. We are just here to give you a few other options! If you need any help with your HVAC unit, please don’t hesitate to call the professionals here at Beach Air.

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