Experiencing Commercial Refrigeration Problems?

The dog days of summer are here and Myrtle Beach is on fire! With that being said, this time of year is crucial for many local businesses, especially restaurants and bars, due to the high volume of tourists in the area. If a commercial refrigerator goes down at the wrong time, it can cost thousands of dollars not only in product, but also business that is lost. Below you will find a few common commercial refrigeration problems to look out for:

Loud Noises

By nature, a commercial refrigerator produces noise. Keep an ear out for sound that is louder than usual.

Inconsistent Temperatures

The biggest problem that you can face with your commercial refrigeration units is when the unit cannot keep the contents chilled at the right temperature. Foods can spoil which results in lost revenue. This problem may be a result of a leak, a faulty seal on the door or a bad compressor. Keep in mind that your thermostat could be malfunctioning as well. As soon as you notice an issue, we recommend calling a commercial refrigeration expert like Beach Air quickly.

Presence of Ice or Front

Ice and front growth in your commercial refrigeration equipment or gears is definitely NOT a good sign. Your system is designed to keep its contents chilled, but the appearance of ice or frost is the result of poor airflow or a leak.

Not-So-Frozen Drinks

If your frozen drink machine is no longer able to produce a frozen drink, that’s a problem! The techs at Beach Air ¬†are trained on all of the latest technology and applications of several brands of frozen drink machines. If you need us to take a look, schedule an appointment!

Ice Ice Baby

If your bar or restaurant is unable to toss a few cubes of ice into a soft drink, we imagine your customers will not be pleased, especially on a hot summer day. You may be experiencing low water flow, water looks, high room temperature or high water temperature.

If you are in need of any of our commercial refrigeration services, please give Beach Air a call today!

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