Fall Tips For Switching Between AC & Heat

With the fall weather along the Grand Strand feeling cool in the mornings and like summer in the afternoons, it can be challenging to find the perfect temperature in your home. This time of year leaves many homeowners asking themselves ‘when should I switch my A/C to heat?’ or ‘is it okay to switch back and forth from heat to A/C?’ Don’t worry, our team here at Beach Air  is here to guide you comfortably through this changing season! 

Set Your Thermostat to ‘Auto’

That is the first step to making the switch back and forth between heating and cooling. It’s important to make sure your system is on ‘auto’ not ‘on’ because you want to wait until the system switches off before you switch from heat to AC or vice versa. 

Don’t Drastically Change The Temperature

Be patient when making the switch between heating and cooling and just raise or lower the temperature by just a few degrees until you’ve reached your ideal temperature. This is ideal for reaching your desired temperature without overworking your system. 

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

You should know that switching between heating and cooling does leave your HVAC system working harder than normal. Now that doesn’t mean you should suffer from being too hot or too cold, but you shouldn’t skip out on routine maintenance. Give our team of HVAC technicians a call!

While these are just a few tips to help you stay comfortable as the weather continues to change this fall, our team here at Beach Air is always here to help. Many HVAC issues can arise during this changing season, like your ac compressors locking up. If that happens, give our team of trusted Myrtle Beach HVAC experts here at Beach Air a call!

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