How To Determine When Your Air Conditioner Needs Replaced

Air conditioners are essential to our life being that we live down south and we have the luxury of having fairly warm weather year round. Without an air conditioner in the spring and summer seasons it is nearly impossible to be comfortable within your home. AC units can give off many warning signs that indicate that you might be due for an upgraded system in your home or business. Continue reading to determine when your air conditioner needs to be replaced.

Hot or Warm Air

One indicator that you could need a new air conditioning unit is if your system is blowing out warm or hot air. This is a common issue that could have resulted from a fix such as a cracked air duct which seems like an easy fix but, can also be catastrophic if not attended to or if the crack is too large. A more serious issue could have stemmed from an air compressor being broken within the main unit. If you feel any sort of warm or hot air coming from your unit, it is a good idea to call Beach Air of Myrtle Beach so we can come take a look at the issue.

Cost Efficiency

Have you noticed within the past few years that your energy bills have increased? Your unit could be overworked and may need to be serviced accordingly. Old air conditioning units can require a lot more energy to produce cold air throughout your home or business which can result in more money having to leave your pocket and go into the hands of your electric company.

New units tend to be more efficient by allowing for units to only come on when needed, meaning that the unit is probably able to manage itself in the sense that it only turns on when it reaches below a certain temperature as well as turn off when it reaches a desired temperature. The advancement in technology throughout the past few years has made air conditioners more economically efficient for homeowners.

Excessive Dust

The Spring season mean spring cleaning so be sure to take a good look at your unit and clean out any dust or debris that may have gotten in. After doing so, if you still find that dust is getting into your home via your air conditioning system, this could call for a new unit. Any leaks within your duct work might be the root of the cause. Not only will leaks allow for debris to enter your home, it allows for air to freely exit the unit meaning you are paying more money and receiving less cold air. If you believe that your unit is experiencing any kind of leak within the air duct, allowing for dust and debris to come into your home, it could mean that you need a new air conditioning unit.

Beach Air of Myrtle Beach can ensure that a new unit is installed correctly making sure that there are no cracks within your air duct system.

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