How To Protect Your Air Conditioner During Hurricane Season

It’s that time of the summer when we start paying more attention to the news, not because we need to find out what’s going on in Washington D.C., but because of the weather. The past few years, the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach has had a few run-ins with hurricanes, tropical storms and flooding. It’s extremely important to have a hurricane plan in place in case of evacuation, but also important to protect your home before your leave. Beach Air is here to ┬áprovide you with a short checklist of what you should do to keep your air conditioner safe and sound.

Precautionary Measures

Once you figure out when the storm is going to hit, plan accordingly. Electronic gadgets like home air conditioners take the brunt of the hurricanes damage. First, turn off your AC system. There’s a very good chance that your power is going to go out during a big storm like a hurricane, so keeping it on could case severe damage to the unit. Irregular power interruptions put added pressure on the compressor as well as other elements of the cooling unit. This measure can reduce the repairs to the unit after the storm has passed. We also recommend removing any window AC units that you have and to cover your outdoor unit.

Post-Storm Protocol

Once the storm passes and your home’s power situation returns to normal, turn on your AC unit. Keeping your unit idle for too long invites mold spores to grow inside, and that’s not good for anybody. If you detect that something could be wrong with your unit after you turn it on, like electrical smoke, turn off your unit and call an HVAC expert like Beach Air. Keeping it running with an issue like that will without a doubt do more harm than good.

Professional Check-Up

Heavy wind and rain wreak havoc on your cooling unit. That’s why after any natural disaster it’s important to get your unit inspected by a professional like Beach Air of Myrtle Beach. We will be able to let you know if your unit needs an repairs or if it’s in good shape. We want you to be as comfortable as possible inside of your home year round.

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