Hurricane Safety: Prepare Your HVAC System

Well, we aren’t even into the month of September and are already preparing for potentially what might be our first hurricane of the season. Hurricane Dorian is nearing Category 3 status as it barrels towards the United States. There is only a 20% chance of it directly impacting Myrtle Beach, but we still must be prepared for it. In addition to purchasing a generator, stocking up on non-perishable goods or making plans to leave town, there are a few things that we recommend doing to your HVAC system to prepare it for the severe weather ahead. When it comes to hurricane safety, we can never be too prepared!

HVAC System Preparation: Before The Hurricane

As we all know, high winds, heavy rain and flooding can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to our homes. We must do what we can to prepare while we have the time to do so. When it comes to your HVAC system, here are a few things to address before the storm comes:

  1. Turn off the breakers.
  2. Turn off the gas supply to your furnace (if you have a gas furnace).
  3. Protect your system from flying debris by covering it (once it’s off).
  4. Elevate your HVAC unit if flooding is an issue.

We understand that there are a hundred things that you need to take care of before a hurricane, especially if you plan on leaving town. If you have any questions or wish to speak to a Beach Air technician over the phone about how to do each of the tasks above, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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