Hurricanes & HVAC

Hurricane Matthew rocked Myrtle Beach a little over a week ago. We hope everyone escaped the storm safely. Unfortuntely, there are several homes along the Grand Strand who are experiencing the side effects of the storm. Flooding has become a serious issue in Conway and Socastee due to the rivers and Intracoastal Waterway becoming inundated with additional water. What exactly does all of this mean for your home?

If your AC unit has already taken on water, go to your breaker and turn off the power to your unit. More damage could occur as electricity continues to flow into it. It's extremely important to have your unit and system checked after a hurricane, so please call a professional like Beach Air of Myrtle Beach to take a look. We will be able to address the following issues with your outdoor unit:

1. Clean the coils.

2. Remove the electrical components that were submerged in water and check for corrosion.

3. Check condenser fan motor for damage if the seal is bad. These are designed to withstand rain, but not flooding.

4. Clean the compresser terminals of rust and corrosion.

Beach Air will also be able to take care of any water damage to your inside unit. Your HVAC unit and ducts can become breeding ground for nasty bacteria as well as mold if left untouched. If your system is submerged in water, please give Beach Air a call at (843) 796-3798 immediately.

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