HVAC North Myrtle Beach: Common Summer Problems

It seems as if the heat of the summer has been peaking over the past week or so here along the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach. As you battle the elements, tourists and family who come to visit, there may be another part of your life that is suffering. That is the comfort of your home due to your HVAC unit. Below are some common problems that tend to arise during the summer months due to the hot & humid weather. If you need any assistance, let our HVAC North Myrtle Beach team know.

1. Electrical Issues – Certain electrical components in your unit are more susceptible in the summer than the other 3 seasons throughout the year.  The capacitor is the part that fails the most often. It gets overheated by not only the sun, but also due to increased workload. Also, be extra careful using your  trimmer around your unit. It not only can clip the electrical wiring, but can damage the fins on the outside.

2. Poor Air Flow – Speaking of weeds, these pesky plants can grow up around your unit and trap heat inside. Also, the intake air filter gets dirty faster when the unit is running more often. It's important to change that monthly. If not, the dirty filters can lead to dirty coils, which in turn can prevent air from moving freely out of the unit.

3. Low Refrigerant Charge – Undercharged AC units have trouble cooling air, which leads to overheating, longer run times and wasted energy. This is caused by refrigerant lines and coils developing tinky pinhole leaks where refrigerant leaks. The good news is that Beach Air can help you seal those leaks!

4. Compressor Failure – This is the most expensive problem that your unit can encouter on this list. Dirty coils, blocked suction lines, low refrigerant charge, incorrect suction line size, too much refrigerant, electrical problems, contaminants and inadequate oil lubricant are all common issues that can lead to compressor failure. If you notice any performance issue with your unit, call us immediately.

If you have a newer unit, chances are you won't experience any of these issues. If your unit is older and less reliable, we recommend replacing it in the near future so that you won't have any outages come next summer. Let us know how we can help!

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