There are lots of benefits to having an (HVAC) Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning Service Agreement with Beach Air – You can reduce energy costs by having an HVAC inspection to ensure that your unit is working properly throughout the year. Plus, you’ll receive priority service which anyone can appreciate, especially when it’s scorching hot or freezing cold. Priority service ensures we’ll get to your issue as soon as possible no matter what time or the day or night, even on Christmas Day. Our Service Agreements pay for themselves after one visit and you can’t afford not to have one. It’s just another way we can serve you better at Beach Air.

Savings & Benefits to You:

  • Lower Utility Billsbecause your unit is working efficiently!
  • 10% Discount on Repair Costsif anything is wrong, you’re going to $ave!
  • Priority Emergency ServiceNo matter what time night or day, we’ll be there!
  • 2 Tune-Up / Preventative Maintenance Visits per yearOur 26 Point Inspection is the most thorough check-up on the market!

Tune-Up / Preventative Maintenance Visits Include a 26 Point Inspection of your HVAC inspection:

  • Check operation of thermostat in heat and cool modes
  • Check operation of zone controls
  • Replace or wash standard air filters
  • Check and note return air temperature
  • Check and note supply air temperature
  • Check and not outside air temperature
  • Check and tighten all electrical connections at indoor unit and disconnect
  • Check and note voltage at indoor unit
  • Check operation of indoor blower and note AMP draw
  • Check electric heat overloads and high limit safeties
  • Check cleanliness of indoor evaporator coil
  • Check cleanliness of indoor blower wheel
  • Check condition of all accessible duct work. Note any leaks or missing insulation
  • Check operation of all zone dampers
  • Check and clean primary drain pan
  • Check secondary drain pan for water and rust
  • Check and clean primary drain line with shop-vac
  • Check and tighten all electrical connections at outdoor unit and disconnect
  • Check and note voltage at outdoor unit
  • Check operation of outdoor fan and note AMP draw
  • Check operation of compressor and note AMP draw
  • Check output of run capacitor
  • Check condition of main contactor
  • Check operation of defrost cycle
  • Clean outdoor coil, use coil cleaner if needed
  • Check refrigerant charge and note high and low side pressures

If you’re interested in coverage of your HVAC unit, call us today at Beach Air (843) 796-3798 – We serve Horry County and Georgetown County so we can service your unit from Little River to Georgetown.

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