HVAC Tips To Keep Your Guests Comfortable This Winter

While it may not officially be winter yet, it sure does feel like it here along the Grand Strand! With the holiday season in full swing, our team here at Beach Air HVAC has put together a few HVAC tips to help you keep yourself and your guests comfortable this holiday season! 

Replace Your Air Filter

This is important year-round, but especially if you’re expecting more guests (and pets) this season. A clean air filter will help reduce pollutants that can trigger allergies and restrict airflow, thus making your guests more comfortable during their visit. 

Turn Your Thermostat Down 

Just a few degrees should do. Having a house full of guests and cooking a delicious meal in the oven will help keep your home nice and comfortable without raising your utility bill. 

Do A Little Cleaning

While this may seem redundant, this is important especially when you have pets. Getting rid of extra dust, debris, and pet hair can all help your guests be more comfortable while visiting your home. Many don’t realize how many allergens we carry on the bottom of our shoes, so a light cleaning can do wonders when it comes to trying to reduce allergens in your home. 

Schedule A Tune-Up

Ensure that your HVAC system is working properly and efficiently with a tune-up from one of our Beach Air HVAC technicians. Our team of technicians is skilled in performing quality tune-ups, repairs, preventative maintenance, and more for homeowners all over the Grand Strand. 

No matter your HVAC needs, our team of trusted and knowledgeable professional HVAC technicians can help you stay comfortable throughout this holiday season and all year long! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have! We’re always here to help! 

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