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We’ve been in this business long enough to know that not only HVACs, but also refrigeration systems, are imperative to your business-as-usual. That’s why we specialize in repairing and maintaining restaurant refrigeration equipment: to protect your bottom line and your investment. Our Myrtle Beach commercial refrigeration company is second to none.

Beyond painful costs, a refrigeration system that’s down or operating improperly could eat away at energy consumption, safety levels, your fresh food or product inventory and, of course, your customers’ satisfaction. The Beach Air team of expert technicians is ready to respond to your emergency refrigeration needs, 24-7. We’re trained on all the latest techniques, technologies and refrigerant parts and replacements of these brands: True, Bally, Bohn, Heat Craft, Randle, Traulsen, Delfield, Kolpak, Silver King, Tecumseh, Russell, Master-Bilt and Perlick.

Our service calls include:

*Complex repairs and maintenance: There are so many specific refrigeration components that are under constant stress and wear; it’s just part of normal restaurant operations. Whether the filters or drains get plugged, or it’s a case of sticking valves, broken fans or the more major like a compressor breakdown, our technicians can have you up and running in no time at a reasonable price.

*Dehumidification: Managing humidity levels of your system is especially a challenge in high-humidity climates like ours here at the beach. Chilling the air temperature can freeze out your customers and employees; too much humidity, however, can create condensation on the coils. Both options increase energy usage, so we recommend installing a retrofit dehumidification system to save you money.

*Leak detection: Finding and fixing the source of a refrigerant leak before you need to replace costly refrigerant is invaluable! Which is why our technicians can perform leak checks for you before that happens.


  • COOLERS – You can’t afford to go long without walk-in or reach-in coolers that are not running properly. You lose precious inventory and increase downtime. That’s why our trained technicians at Beach Air of Myrtle Beach are ready to diagnose and resolve your cooler issues as quickly and affordably as possible.
  • FREEZERS – Our restaurant clients can count on us to make sure their walk-in or reach-in freezers are in perfect working condition. Because we know it’s essential to their daily operations in serving the millions of tourists that stay and dine here annually.
  • ICE MACHINES – Nothing’s worse than ice machines that don’t, well, make ice. It’s the vital foundation for all that you serve in your establishment, so Beach Air of Myrtle Beach is here to provide repair service for any ice machine problem, from common to complex.
  • FROZEN DRINK MACHINES – We live in the hub of the tourism and hospitality industry, where many of our commercial clients blend a ton of refreshing frozen drinks, ice cream cones and yogurt treats daily. Which means those frozen drink machines endure a lot of wear and tear. And that’s exactly why Beach Air is ready and prepared with the parts and expert skills to repair and maintain all brands of machines that go down, including Electro Freeze, Taylor, Frosty Factory, Tutti Frutti, Sani Serve, Hamilton Beach, Waring and Bunn.
  • PREP TABLES – If you own refrigerated food prep tables at your dining establishment, we know how essential they can be to the business pace each day. When those prep tables break down, kitchen operations slow down.
  • BAR & UNDER COUNTER – Beach Air is the leading expert in commercial refrigeration repair – in all phases, models and brands, from bar to under counter refrigeration. We have a solution for your every need; that’s just the consistently reliable, dependable service we’re renowned for.
  • RACK SYSTEMS – Your rack systems needs to be working properly at all times. We get that. And when it’s not, Beach Air of Myrtle Beach will respond quickly and repair efficiently so that it’s running as smooth as possible once again.
  • MAKE-UP AIR & EXHAUST HOODS – Homes and commercial buildings need makeup air like we need air to breathe. Working in tandem with your kitchen’s hood exhaust fan, sufficient makeup air is required to remove all that cooking-generated heat, odors and contaminants that can get hung up in there, which all depends on the size and dimension of your cooking appliance.
  • COFFIN CASES – The last thing you need in your retail food business are your coffin cases stocked with food that’s not stored at the right temperature. It’s not acceptable for the safety of your customers, nor is it acceptable for your revenue.
  • AIR CURTAINS – Air curtains are those refrigeration elements you don’t often think about, but when installed and repaired, the air pressure from the curtains become essential to the environment of your establishment for employees and customers alike, while keeping energy costs down and temperatures consistent.

Beach Air is here to make your life a lot more comfortable. The last thing you need is a heating and cooling company that’s not at your service, 24/7. Call today, or anytime, for a free estimate to clear the air at Beach Air at 843-796-3798

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