Pesky Pollen Season: How To Protect Your Family

With the spring season coming up, it is quite common to be affected by allergies as many people across the United States are. The feeling of have a cold throughout most of the season is enough to drive somebody crazy. Common symptoms include, but are not limited to, itchy eyes, sneezing, a stuffy nose, sore throat. All of these symptoms can be caused by a number of different environmental factors such as trees, grass, weeds, and most commonly pollen. Pollen is spread primarily via insects and wind making it very common to come into contact with you. Below are some tips to try to prevent your seasonal springtime allergies to flare up.

Tips to protect yourself/family from seasonal allergies:

Many precautionary measures can be taken in order to attempt to reduce the effects of allergies. Although the common cure is to pop an Allegra or Zyrtec, it is also beneficial to take other precautions such as staying indoors on days where the humidity is high or when it is windy. Wind can cause pollen to move freely and easily throughout the air which can be a trigger for symptoms to spark up. It is a smart idea to refrain from doing any outdoor activities while these weather conditions occur. If you do have to go outside for any reason during these conditions, it is important that you remove all clothes that were worn outside at the time. This can ensure that pollen isn’t directly on you or on any furniture you sit on. Lastly, when pollen counts are said to be high, it is a good idea to keep all windows shut even if it is really nice out. If you need air during this time, turning on your air conditioner or fan might be a better option.

Tips to prevent your home from pollen/allergies:

Allergy prevention methods are usually taken into consideration when pollen begins to flare up in the environment. Not only is it important to protect yourself from the dreaded seasonal allergy, it is also extremely important to protect your home as well. Changing air filters in your air conditioner unit regularly is an important step that should be taken. Pollen can get stuck on the outside units of an air conditioner and can easily get through to the air filter which then can be distributed throughout your home. Changing your air filter can be a good prevention method to keep pollen out of your home. It is also quite important to make sure your home is cleaned on a weekly basis. We don’t realize how often we can cross contaminate pollen throughout our homes. For example, touching your door knob, that has pollen on it, and then touching your kitchen counter top can surely leave pollen on a cooking surface within your home. Be sure to wipe down surfaces often to ensure the least amount of pollen is getting into your home.

It is important to follow these tips in order to stay happy and healthy over the spring season here in Myrtle Beach.



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