Prevent Holiday Air Conditioning Issues

It's that special time of year when you get together with family and friends to exchange gifts and eat to excess, right? Between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day, there's a good chance that you will be the host of at least one party. When you have visitors over your house, there is always someone who is too hot and someone who is too cold. What does that mean? Well, that more than likely means strain on your AC unit because there are at least 3 people who are constantly changing the temperature. Continue reading to learn how to prevent air conditioning issues this holiday season!

1. Replace your air filters. While this may seem rather obvious, it's something that a lot of us either forget to do, or do not do enough. At the very least, change your air filters at the end of every season and before you know you will have guests over. Clogged air filters can lead to air flow problems, so let your filters breathe!

2. Install a new thermostat. New thermostats are more precise and save energy. Think about your smartphone. Every year there is a newer model with more bells and whistles. If you love technology, you can get thermostats that can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet. You don't even have to get up to change the temperature now! Gotta love technology…

3. Clean your outdoor unit. Sometimes your condenser and outdoor fan can get clossed with dirt and leaves. When that happens, the unit can’t expel heat as effectively. Take some time to brush it off occasionally to prevent this issue from happening.

4. Get your unit checked. Almost every air conditioner problem can easily be prevented with regular maintenance. Have an HVAC expert like Beach Air come out to inspect and tune up your system. It's no different than taking your vehicle in for an oil change. A small service call fee could prevent you from spending thousands of dollars on a new AC unit.

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